Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

New Long Hairstyles for Round Faces - Long hair is the most practical option for women with round face shapes. The only thing to do is learn a few basic rules that will make a round face look slimmer. Here are some amazing ideas to style long dress for a round face, then when you update your styling skills you want to have a new look, check out these photos and get ready for a makeover.

Round face shapes can be easily identified: length and width of the face is almost similar and soft corners. Round face shapes can be very prominent when a bad haircut chosen so quite important for the correct model, focus on eyes held cheekbones.

Short cut is the one that should be avoided by women about how culture with short hair and cheeks open face accented face. Average discount a good choice for a round face shape because it will reduce the width of the cheeks and create the illusion of an oval face shape. Long hair is also a great option that not only make your face look slimmer, but also equip you to experiment with many style options.

Hairstyles for round faceslong hairstyles for round faces

trendy long hairstyles for round facelong hair for round face

long haircut for round face shapeblunt long hair

wavy long hair for round facesexy long hair for round face

The beautiful long hairstyles face framing effect. If you have long hair blunt cut, elegant style with this flat iron and wear loose for an event next station. On the other hand, if you long for versatility, you can do some progressive layers. Long layers must be under the chin, so the hair does not open your cheeks. blunt shape long hairstyles for round faces long hair

When styling curly long hair remember that tight and soft while adding width to the cheeks, loose waves femininity to your face and make them look slimmer.

Bang in the late style side lock your long fashionable hairstyles, so if you want an instant makeover to add or change the hair splitting bang.

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